An Evening with Bill Hubbard


Monday 18 February 2013, 18:30-21:30
Cass Business School, 106 Bunhill Row, London EC1Y 8TZ
Room: LG001  

Sorry, this event has already taken place.

Financial legend Bill Hubbard shares his experience and insights of the finance sector


Bill Hubbard, Finiancial Legend


Bill Hubbard will talk about what he sees coming over the next year with regard to the fiscal cliff, Quantitative easing, inflationary pressures, etc.

• First job was at Morgan Guaranty Trust Co of New York in August 1971, the same day President Nixon took the US off the gold standard (remember $35.00/oz?).
• Did one of the FIRST trades ever in the ORIGINAL 30-year bond
• Head hunted by John Mack (former CEO of Morgan Stanley)
• Worked with Bob Diamond (pre Barclays) for 7 years
• Worked as THE repo broker at Salomon Brothers and attended a ‘few’ sessions of ‘Liar’s Poker’
• Executed the FIRST asset swap (Sept 1981) between Citicorp and Detroit Edison
• Taught at LIFFE and LSE
• Head Hunted by Michael Bloomberg (prior to being the mayor of New York)
• Appeared on Bloomberg TV and CNBC-TV(Europe) for 2 years each
• Has also
o Spoken at a number of conferences/seminars on FX/commodities/fixed income
o Been a weekly guest on Bloomberg-TV (London/Mumbai/Istanbul), and Fox Business News.
o Been a ‘sporadic’ guest on Sky Business News, Radio 4 and 5, the BBC World Service, and France 24.