Amanda Goodall

Senior Lecturer in Management
Faculty of Management
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I began my career in the fashion industry, followed by a decade in the UK charitable sector, and finally a move into universities and to academe. I did my PhD on leadership and performance in research universities at Warwick Business School in 2007. It was published into ‘Socrates in the Boardroom: Why Research Universities Should be Led by Top Scholars’ (Princeton University Press, 2009). My research focuses on the relationship between leadership and organizational performance using mostly quantitative data. My central argument (empirically supported) is that leaders should have a deep understanding of the core business of the organizations they are to lead. Being a good manager alone is not sufficient. I have developed, with Agnes Bäker, the ‘theory of expert leadership’ (TEL). The evidence supporting expert leadership comes from hospitals, universities, Formula 1 Championships, basketball, among professionals, and in large US and UK random samples of matched employers and employees. My current research focuses on clinical leadership in healthcare settings. I also have a couple papers on gender and one on climate change.

I publish in both academic journals and practitioner magazines, and my work is quite often featured in the media. I have been a research fellow at Cornell, Zurich U and IZA in Bonn. In the Fall term 2016 I will be on sabbatical leave at Yale, visiting Nicholas Christakis's Human Nature Lab. Later in the term I go to the University of Zurich. I am a committed environmentalist and a 'tiger ambassador' with Save Wild Tigers.

I am currently working with colleagues to develop a new Physician Leadership programme at Cass to be announced soon(watch this space!).

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