Peter Fleming

Professor of Business and Society
PhD (Melbourne Uni.)
Faculty of Management
photograph of Peter Fleming


Before joining Cass, Peter Fleming held positions at Cambridge University and Queen Mary College, University of London. Peter's research focuses on the changing relationship between business and society, with special emphasis on Corporate Social Responsibility and new patterns of conflict in the workplace. He has also extensively studied the causes of organisational corruption in the private and public sectors. His books include:

The Mythology of Work. London: Pluto Press (2015).

Resisting Work: The Corporatization of Life and its Discontents. Philadelphia: Temple University Press (2014).

The End of Corporate Social Responsibility. London: Sage Publishing (2013).

Dead Man Working. London: Zero Books (2012).

Contesting the Corporation: Power and Resistance in Organizations. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (2010).

Authenticity and Cultural Politics of Work. Oxford: Oxford University Press (2009).

Charting Corporate Corruption: Agency, Structure and Escalation. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Books (2009).


Room number: 4081
Ph: 020 7040 5140