Amanda Goodall

Senior Lecturer in Management
Faculty of Management
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Research summary

My research is on leadership and organizational performance. My work on expert leaders suggests that heads should have a deep understanding of, and high ability in, the core business of the organizations they are to lead. Being a good manager alone is not sufficient. I have focused on leaders in knowledge-based organizations, such as universities and hospitals, and also in highly competitive fields, such as Formula 1 Championships, and in large random populations of employees. New research is trying to understand why expert leaders seem to have such a big influence on workers' performance and job satisfaction. This is important because satisfied workers are productive workers. We are focusing on doctors and scientists.

My papers (technical and non-technical) are available to down load at:

Current Research

  • Leadership, the work environment, and scientific productivity
    This study will advance our knowledge about how leaders affect organisational performance. Our focus is on leaders in scientific communities. We know from earlier work that the productivity of researchers is improved when they are led by scholar-leaders. What we don’t know is why? This study will uncover the transmission mechanisms -- the why’s and the how’s. We will estimate regressions of scientists’ job satisfaction on work environment factors and leader characteristics, and analyse the relation between leader characteristics and leader behaviour. I am working with Agnes Bäker of University of Zurich.
  • Physician Leadership
    Why healthcare providers need doctors in leadership and management positions
  • Expert Leaders and the Job-satisfaction of Workers
    We expect workers supervised by experts in their field to have higher job satisfaction. In our study we attempt to measure the relationship between a supervisor’s knowledge or expertise and the subordinate worker’s job satisfaction using the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth (NLSY). I am working with Ben Artz U Wisconsin and Andrew Oswald at Warwick U.
  • Women Do Ask But Do Not Get
    The claim that women are underpaid because they ask for pay rises less often than men is wrong
  • Expert leadership in psychiatry
    Work with psychiatrists Stephen Allison, Tarun Bastiampillai, Michael Nance, & Leigh Roeger, Flinders University
  • The random assignment of women into leadership positions
    Work in progress with Margit Osterloh at the University of Zurich

Involvement in Cass Research Centres

  • Member of Group for Leadership Evidence Analysis and Development (LEAD)